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I am a former physicist who almost turned into a psychologist and then became a meditation teacher. Growing up in the deep swedish forests, I was often mesmerized by long and epic journeys taking place in other worlds such as Tolkiens Middle Earth, Jordans Wheel of Time, JK Rowlings Harry Potter and the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy to name a few that kept my curiosity at bay.

Besides from being shaped by the (un)healthy amounts of fantasy and sci-fi books I devoured in my teenage years, my writing is also influenced by over nine thousand hours I have spent absorbed in Asian cultures, from anime and manga to taoism, yoga and zen buddhism. And of course the indescribable life transforming events I have experienced through sitting on my bum while meditating and in my travels all over the world.

The purpose of my writing is to provide an enchanting story that moves beyond the pages of the book into the everyday life, heart and mind of the reader.

My current works are Legends of Arkonia and Project: MIMER. The first is a YA fantasy and the other a YA near future sci-fi.

Do you want to contact me? You find my contact information here.

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